A quarter of a century ago twelve families set out with a vision to start a new church in Hermantown, Minnesota. We all had a desire for people to have the best gift ever offered; Jesus the heavenly gift, to all those who decide to receive Him.

We found the right property to build a church at the corner of Maple Grove and Stebner roads.  Mrs. Westberg, the owner at the time, was very gracious as we offered her the full asking price. We didn't have a dime in a bank account, but we stepped out in faith. A few days later the entire amount was donated to purchase the property.

We wanted to build right away, but unfortunately the banks didn't think we had enough people to invest in a loan for our small congregation. However, Cinema Five Theaters invested in us and let us use their facility free for our first year as a church.  What a unique experience seeing families devote their lives to Jesus in the theater as the aroma of popcorn began to permeate the theater.  They left with the fragrance of Jesus permeating from their lives.

Our first service was the third weekend of October 1991.  Remember the Mega Storm?  It started to snow and didn't stop for days.  That's the year that Hermantown Community Church started to share the Good News of Jesus with our Community.  Since that opening service thousands of lives have been changed for eternity!  All praise to Jesus our wonderful Lord and Savior.  That's the year we started building our legacy, and we are still building the legacy with the same vision - "Reconciling people back to God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit."

We outgrew the little white church on the corner and consequently had to move across the road to our present location.  We have a beautiful facility that God has blessed us with, and it's all because of the faithfulness of God and all his faithful servants that have been part of our church throughout the years!

Twenty five years has gone by fast, but we are looking forward to serving our community until Jesus returns.  Thank you for helping us continue to build the legacy. A special thank you to our amazing staff and all the faithful parishioners that have helped us and are helping us to fulfill our vision.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Thor and Karen Sorenson