Jesus commanded His disciples to “Go and make disciples of all nations.” We may not all be called to GO, but we at HCC believe we are all called to support those who do, both prayerfully and financially. Take some time to get to know the missionaries we support and keep them and their families in your prayers.

Richard & Kim Baker - Youth Alive.jpg

Richard & Kim Baker

Youth Alive

Kyle & Kari Chamberlain - Vantage Point Church, CA.jpg

Kyle & Kari Chamberlain

Placerville, CA

Jon & Jennifer Dahlager - Costa Rica.jpg

Jon & Jennifer Dahlager

Costa Rica

Chuck & Sally Haavik - Denmark.jpg

Chuck & Sally Haavik


Tim Kern - Chi Alpha Notre Dame.jpg

Tim Kern

Chi Alpha - Notre Dame

Kent & Leslie Linneweh - The Netherlands.jpg

Kent & Leslie Linneweh


Doug & Corrine Lowenberg - Ethiopia.jpg

Doug & Corrine Lowenberg


Luke & Tonya McKinley - Lithuania.png

Luke & Tanya McKinley


David & Kandra Millsaps - Lithuania.jpg

David & Kandra Millsaps


Nick & Olivia Puccini - Estonia.jpg

Nicholas & Olivia Puccini


Reid Peterson - Chi Alpha Winona.jpg

Reid Peterson

Chi Alpha - Winona State University

Mike & Mona Shields - Latin America.jpg

Mike & Mona Shields

Latin America

Phil & Katja Zarns - Sweden.jpg

Phil & Katja Zarns


Steph Peterson - Chi Alpha Winona.jpg

Steph Peterson

Chi Alpha - Winona State University

Matt Walker - Chi Alpha UWS.jpg

Matt Walker

Chi Alpha - University of Wisconsin Superior

Kalyn Zimmer - Chi Alpha UWS.jpg

Kalyn Zimmer

Chi Alpha - University of Wisconsin Superior

Jesse Pingenot - Chi Alpha.jpg

Jesse Pingenot

Chi Alpha - Missouri State University

Brad & Rhonda Walz - Argentina.jpg

Brad & Rhonda Walz